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To provide qualified service and gain further knowledge and experience working as a make up artist in all facets of film, television, and the industry as a whole.

Education and Training

Cinema Make up school Beauty make-up course (Fall 2000)
Theater make-up course Winter 2000
Dinair Air Brush School Graduated 2000
Completed prosthetics course Winter 2001
Completed Special Effect course Feb 2001
Dinair Air brush make up course 2000



Trophy   make up artist   Daniel J. Gillin
Absolute Fear   makeup artist   John Milton Branton
Dirty People   special makeup effects artist   Richard Crudo
The Sessions   makeup artist   Ben Lewin
Gallery key make up artist GJENIUS Productions Lazrael Lison
  key make up artist   James Chean
  key make up artist   Young man Kang
  key make up artist   Michael Kallio
Getting Lucky   make up artist Feature film Mike Andrews
Aurora   make up artist   Jung Jun Park
  Background Make up DreamWorks Michael Mann
A-List(popup)   Make up Assistant INFIN Entertainment Shira-Lee Shalit
Quadra Pink   key make up artist Geisha Girl Films Carrie Cain Sparts
Bashing   key make up artist Whistling Moon Production Shadow Mihaiu
    Whistling Moon Production Randy Kent
  make up artist Leap Frog Productions Young Man Kang

Short Film
Tandem   Matthew Douglas HelfgottJared Hillman
The Cross   The Grinman BrothersGabriel Savodivker
NY Film Academy Tony Canonico
You can awesome   Michael Mohan
Georgia Heat (for trailer) Mora Stephens
Connection USC Thesis Kim Ray
Shui Hen Sugar Cane Max Jezo-Parovsky
Fourteen AFI Thomas Southerland
The Oriental Liaison   Ed Marx
Between You and Me USC Film Miriam Kim
The Champ Hardboild Enterprises Tohio Chigira
The Ecstasy Independent film Steve Yang
The Beauty AFI Troy Ransome
The Motive AFI Lee, Doo ho
La Manniquin Matrix Production Saiphin Aeberli

Music Video & Documentary
JYP Jin Young Park
The Beach boy Bryan Wilson Foundation  
Naked 21 century Pacific Invasion T.L. Young
Poison Ivy (Eun hye Park singer)   Jae huk Jang
  Kurt Kim
Sai/Jun   Max Jezo-Parovsky

TV Show & Commercials
Famous Homes and Hideaways Hearst Entertainment Show Host: Donna Hanover
AT&T King & I Film production  

Some of the photographers I have worked for in the past include
Gusmano Cesaretti
James Chean
Kevin Break
Samuel dawes
Mark Wilkins
Don Sercer
Petter Baratti etc….


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